HomePod Silicone Base Overlays (two pack)

HomePod Silicone Base Overlays (two pack)

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The HomePod is one seriously awesome speaker, however it has one downside, if left on wooden surface for too long, it can discolor the wood!  We've created a simple, elegant solution to solve this problem.  Our vinyl skins for the base of your HomePod protect against any furniture damage and can be installed in seconds.  

Available in either Matte White or Matte Black, to match your HomePod.  Comes as a pack of two overlays.

Installation tips: Installation is a breeze, peel the skin off the backing paper (we recommend spraying the adhesive side of the vinyl overlay with our E-Z Application Spray), then place the skin on the HomePod's silicone base and press into place, using a soft rag to press out any extra application spray, use a hairdryer or heat gun (on low) to mold around any edges that haven't adhered properly.  Can be installed dry as well.

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