CHIP STRIPS - Universal Rock Protection Film For Vehicle Hoods

CHIP STRIPS - Universal Rock Protection Film For Vehicle Hoods

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*Introducing Grafixpressions CHIP-STRIPS, our modern take on the vehicle bra!  The CHIP-STRIP is a simple and affordable way to protect the front of your hood from annoying and ugly rock damage while giving your vehicle a distictive and unique look.  Designed to be easy to install and provide stylish looks, these are our answer to the extremely expensive and difficult to install Clear Bra's or the nearly extinct Leather Bra.

Grafixpressions offers CHIP-STRIPS in a large variety of colors to suit the look you are trying to achieve.  We recommend adding some of our unique vinyl stickers (which can be applied on top of the CHIP-STRIP to further personalize the look of your CHIP-STRIP!)  

Shown in photos is a Silver CHIP-STRIP with a custom Gray "Quattro" vinyl sticker applied for a unique look! 


Take your time and install with a friend, there are no refunds for the CHIP-STRIP as they are cut to order for your application.  If there are any concerns, a local tint shop should be able to install them for you for a nominal fee.

General Installation Guidelines:

  • Clean your hood well before installing, we recommend washing the hood with Dawn dishwashing liquid to remove any waxes or oils.  
  • Generously spray hood and adhesive side of the CHIP-STRIP with a water/dishwashing solution (just a few drops of dishwashing liquid to a cup or so of cold water, shake and spray)  DO NOT INSTALL DRY!
  • Lay the CHIP-STRIP over the desired installation area with the hood latch open, trim excess vinyl using scissors, leaving 1 - 2 inches to wrap around the edges of the hood, can be trimmed using an X-Acto blade once installed.
  • Use a soft squeegee to push out bubbles and water to make for a smooth and OEM looking install (push from edge of the hood upwards towards the middle of the hood)
  • The use of a hairdryer (we do not recommend heat guns as they may produce too much heat) is also recommended to help mold the CHIP-STRIP around countours (depending on your vehicle) or to speed up the drying process.


  • Take your time and do it with a friend to make the installation go easier
  • Be careful not to allow dirt or dust on the hood or on the adhesive side of the vinyl


In the image directly below, the red shaded area depicts the size of the CHIP-STRIP.  CHIP-STRIPS are rectangular and are always 8" in height, you select the width depending on the width of your hood.  We recommend adding an additional 5" or so to the width you measure to ensure there is enough material to cover the front of the hood.  

We recommend measuring such that the maximum height of the CHIP-STRIP will be ~7 inches, leaving an additional inch to wrap under the hood.