Taillight Overlays for 9thGen Civic Sedan (2013 - 2015)

Taillight Overlays for 9thGen Civic Sedan (2013 - 2015)

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*Our new and fresh take on what we believe the taillights should look like on the 9thGen 2013 - 2015 Honda Civic sedan! These may be our most dramatic offering in terms of changing the appearance of your vehicle.  Select whether you'd like both the outer and inner sections (recommended), just the outer sections or just the inner sections.  Kit includes both driver and passenger side overlays, no matter what Kit Type is chosen.

*Shown installed in "Transparent Ruby Red" & "Transparent Dark Smoke", actual product in "Transparent Ruby Red."

To install:  Clean the installation area well.  Spray the adhesive side of the vinyl and installation area with our E-Z Application spray.  This allows you to position the overlay properly.  Start by installing the outer overlays at the top-most portion.  As you get to the bend in the overlay, apply heat from hairdryer/heat gun to help mold the corner edge. Continue aligning the overlay, then return to the bottom edge of the curve and add more heat and continue to push out the bubble slowly and evenly to mold it for a flawless fitment. Fold over excess overlay (area shown below) to complete the seamless look. If you are new to installing overlays / vinyl tints, you may want to have an experienced installer assist you.

Inner overlays are straightforward and simple to install, spray with EZ Application Spray, complete by bending over excess tint at edge. May want to heat up the overlay to help adhere better. Push out any bubbles with a squeegee, leftover bubbles will disappear over time.

Grafixpressions recommends a professional installation if you are not comfortable wrapping or installing vinyl tint material.  Please be aware that there are no refunds or exchanges for failed customer installations.